Monday, 22 June 2015


The NCFTE (2010) advocates teacher education to be open and flexible,   emphasizing dialogical exploration, diversity of social contexts and learning spaces as sources of inspiration& teacher education based on reflective practice rather than on a fixed knowledge. Focus on active learning is based on a deep understanding of how students learn most effectively.The aim is to balance the importance of providing a good understanding of the basics of Computer Science with some opportunities to see how a programming language helps to make computer system intelligent through programming. The constructivist perspective is becoming a dominant paradigm in the field of the science education.The current paradigm for teaching recognizes that knowledge is constructed, discovered, and extended by students as they interact with their environment. The students learn best when they can build on their past experience, relate what they are learning to the things that are relevant to them, have direct “hands-on “ experience , construct their own knowledge in collaboration with their fellow students and faculty and communicate their results effectively.

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